We also recognize that martial arts training is also Life skills/business training. The daily 'frustrations' which come our way from everyday living are very threatening to our physical and mental health, our relationships, and our daily success. Contact Sensei Bob for a free, introductory consultation.

Incidents of bullying are at an epidemic level as are random knife attacks. It is very difficult to be a bully, if 'respect for oneself & others' is one's 'mantra' for the day. Top-down, institution solutions to this crisis aren't coming: 'if it's to be, it's up to me' & all of us!

Security candidates: our programs will add valuable skills to your basic licensing program: increased powers of awareness & confidence; crisis de-escalation; non-violent & approved self-defense techniques.


Self-defense for individuals & professionals

For professionals, women's/girl's groups: how good are you at reading people & situations? What signals are you giving off to others inadvertently? What does the law say about self-defense? How 'at risk' are you everyday? Could you avoid or re-direct a simple attack? Could you de-escalate a crisis situation?

Next Seminar: 4th Wednesday of the month 8:30-11:30  $150

'Making it Happen' Mastery Course

Learn how far a few, simple steps can take you.

Remember: 'It doesn't take a major turn of the wheel to change a vehicle's direction'

Next Seminar: 3rd Wednesday of the month   8:30-1:30   $250

Business School

Happy with your job?   Using your training?

Learn the skills necessary for success.

2nd Wednesday of the month: 8:30-11:30: call for details & to book yourself or your team