Black belt vs Black belt level

We had a discussion the other night about earning a black belt, which is really another way of saying ‘I achieved black belt level in my sport/field…’ We know that not everyone who begins a quest will get to black belt level: we need to ask ‘why?’, since most, if not all have the ability to achieve exactly that.

The steps to your personal ‘gift/interest’ summit are the same, whether you are into martial arts, dancing, gymnastics, university/college, pilot training, scuba diving… True, you may discover that what you thought you wanted wasn’t really it: that’s how one’s life journey and education develop, but be vigilant that you’re not creating a pattern of ‘try it & quit’, otherwise that will be your life’s path: I’ve tried many things, but have never taken anything to the top, even though I could have. Success comes after commitment & effort in the dictionary & in life.